Benefits of Roof Coatings

Benefits of Roof Coatings

The Australian climate is infamous for oftentimes being one of the harshest in the world, with intense sunlight beating down on our homes and tropical storms that can rip through at short notice. While most of us take steps to protect our belongings, such as moving our vehicles and furniture into the house, we can often forget about protecting the house itself. A major way this is done is by taking care of your roof, and ensuring it has adequate protection against the harsh australian climate.

Luckily, by applying roof coatings you can protect your roof from both the damaging effects of constant UV radiation and seal your roof against blasts of tropical rain. Not only do roof coatings protect your home, a new layer/s of roof coating can refresh your tired, old roof!

How do Roof coatings protect your roof?

When it comes to looking after your roof, preventive maintenance is everything. Ensuring your roof is always in good condition ensures the elements don’t cause damage to your home such as mould, water damage and structural issues.

This is where roof coatings can really help. Roof coatings work to seal gaps in your roof, add an additional layer of protection against the sun and strengthen connecting points. By protecting against the climate, you reduce the risk of things like rotting wood from moisture, rust from weathered and worn down paint and broken tiles spreading.

Which Roof Coatings Are Best?

At Right Roofing, we only use Industrial Roof Coatings and Global Cote roof coatings. Both brands are high quality, Australian roof coatings that have been developed right here in Queensland – ensuring they can stand up to the job of protecting against the harshest of conditions. With a number of different products and options available, there will always be a suitable roof coating for your home from these roof coating specialists.

When applied by an accredited applicator, Globalcote and Industrial Roof Coatings come with a free 10+ year warranty. With years of experience and a reputation as expert roofers, our team at Right Roofing Restorations are accredited by both Industrial Roof Coatings, and Global Cote to apply their coatings and include these additional warranties.

Can I apply roof coatings myself?

While you can add a coating to your roof yourself, it is highly recommended that you have a trained roofing specialist do it for you. The reasons being:

  •  Having your roof coating applied by an accredited applicator includes a warranty that you wouldn’t get doing it yourself, ensuring you’re covered in the case of any problems.
  • Roofing professionals are specifically trained to apply roof coatings, ensuring the work is completed to the highest standard and your roof is better protected.
  • Working at heights is a dangerous activity, and can easily cause serious injury or death. Having a professional with the right equipment minimises the risk of accident or injury significantly

Get your roof coated by Right Roofing Restorations

If you’re looking for a quality roofing specialist to coat your roof, give our team at Right Roofing Restorations a call today on 0431 962 819 or fill out our contact form here. Our friendly team of professionals are accredited Industrial Roof Coatings and Globalcote coating applicators.

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