Best Roof Coating For Your Property

Best Roof Coating For Your Property

When it comes to painting your roof, a regular bucket of paint isn’t going to be able to stand up to the harsh Australian climate, let alone the bright sunlight we love in Brisbane.

At Right Roofing Restorations, when we paint a roof, we use Industrial Roof Coatings, an Australian made and owned roof coating company based out of Burleigh, Queensland. If anyone knows what kind of product it’ll take to stand up to Queensland weather, it’d be another Queenslander.

Roof Colour

Roofing colour is something that might be taken for granted. Obviously we paint our roofs to match the aesthetics of our homes, but something to also take into consideration is whether we choose light or dark colours. In a previous article, we discussed how this can have an impact on your roof, with lighter colours helping reflect radiation from the sun, helping keep your home cool, while darker roofs absorb that energy, helping keep it warm.

You also need a roof coating that can take on the colour you want properly, as mixing different chemicals together oftentimes can have effects we don’t expect. When it comes to applying a roof coating paint to your home, it’s best to trust the experts, as they’ll be able to help explain to you how it’ll end up looking, so you won’t get any nasty surprises.

There is a great range of colours available in the Industrial Roof Coatings range.

Is this something I can DIY?

Like most things to do with roofing, a DIY job isn’t always something we can recommend. Gutter cleaning and removing debris is something that most of us can do if we’re safety conscious. Roof painting however, is a large job, where specialised tools and coatings are needed to make sure your roof gets the best possible outcome, and you get the piece of mind that your home is protected.

Some things to bare in mind, are:

    • If you have your roof coating applied by an approved applicator, you will receive a warranty that you would not receive if you did it yourself, ensuring that you are covered in the event of any difficulties.
    • Roofing contractors are specially educated to apply roof coatings, ensuring that the job is done correctly and that your roof is better protected.
    • Working at heights is a hazardous activity that can result in serious injury or death. Having a professional with the proper equipment considerably reduces the danger of accident or harm.

If you think your roof needs a new coating, call the experts

At Right Roofing Restorations, we’re accredited to work with Industrial Roof Coatings, and GlobalCote, two highly recommended and regarded roof coatings that will do wonders for your roof, so you can be sure you get the best outcome.

Contact us today on 0431 962 819 or fill out our contact form to have one of our professional team contact you. You can also reach out for an obligation free quote anytime.

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