9 Signs You May Need A Roof Restoration

9 Signs You May Need A Roof Restoration

The roof of your home is one of those things that most people take for granted, keeping out the harsh weather experienced in Brisbane and throughout Queensland. Over time your tiled roof can slowly degrade and become damaged by the sun, rain, hail and wind. Your tile roof will most likely require a restoration to fix major issues during its lifetime. Issues found in your tile roof may be impacting the rest of your house. Read on to learn the signs you need a roof restoration.

Cracked, pointing and damaged bedding on a tiled roof?

On a tiled roof, it is important that your pointing and bedding are secure and in good repair. If your pointing and bedding aren’t in great condition, your roof won’t be storm safe this summer. The bedding on your tiled roof holds your roof tiles in place, creating a tight seal.

If your roof pointing is cracked or missing, this can become an easy access point for water to enter your roof. Water will be able to trickle through any small cracks in your pointing. Repointing is the process of replacing the pointing.

The tiles and ridge caps are secured to the roof by a concrete bedding. When this bedding breaks down or is damaged, the ridge caps can loosen and become an entry point for water into your roof. Rebedding is the term used to describe replacing the bedding on both your tiles and ridge caps.

If the bedding is damaged or completely eroded away, the ridge caps on a tiled roof can become completely loose and are able to be picked up. In a storm, these ridge caps could be blown off the roof, causing damage to other parts of the home. Having these ridge caps blown off the roof also creates an opening in the roof, allowing rain to get in with the potential of causing significant damage to your home.

If the ridge caps are loose, then the correct course of action is to re-bed the ridge caps. If your pointing is cracked or damaged your tiled roof needs repointing.

What are the advantages of roof repointing and rebedding?

Cracked, damaged or broken mortar is the perfect entry point for moisture and rain to enter your roof. This can cause mould growth and water damage. Mould can very quickly spread and become a health hazard to you and your family. Family members who suffer from respiratory issues, asthma or allergies can be at greater risk of ill health due to mould. Removing mould once it’s had a chance to grow in your house can be a costly process, as even professional mould removal cannot guarantee that all the mould has been removed.

Repointing and rebedding your concrete roof tiles ensures that moisture, water and leaks cannot enter your roof. This means that you don’t need to worry about any of the following happening to your home:

  • Flooding from water accumulating on the roof
  • Water damage from water running down the walls
  • Mold growth and associated health issues
  • Weakening the foundation of your home due to water damage from a leaky roof
  • Safety hazard of loose tiles which may fall of the roof and injure someone
  • Wood rot due to excess moisture, which in extreme cases where beams & joists have rotted causing floors or ceilings to collapse

Roof coatings are not just about making your tiled roof look pretty

Roof coatings provide a protective layer over the top of your concrete tiles. This coating protects the tile from the weather and provides the following benefits:

  • Protects the tiles from corrosion
  • Protects the tiles from deterioration
  • Prevents the tiles from absorbing water making them heavier
  • Helps to minimise the heat absorbed through the roof
  • Extends the life of your roof
  • Environmentally friendly to allow the collection of drinking water

If your tiled roof is showing signs of wear and it has been more than 10 years since your last roof restoration, give our team a call for an obligation free roof inspection.

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