Additional Roofing Services

Additional Roofing Services Brisbane

Our qualified team of roofing specialists provide additional roofing services including roof cleaning, repairing and driveway services. We don’t use any harsh chemicals when cleaning – only water.

Talk to our friendly team about any additional services you require today. We offer flexible payment options to meet your budget expectations.

Additional Roofing Services we offer

Whirlybird Roof Ventilation


Features & Benefits:


  • Removal of heat trapped in the roof cavity of a home in summer
  • Removal of moisture trapped in the roof cavity of a home in winter
  • Smooth and quiet operation
  • Large range of colours to suit any roof
  • Suitable for most roof types
  • Replaceable bearings
  • Manufacturer 15-year warranty

Gutter Cleaning

Fallen branches and leaves can clog up your gutters and drains causing damage to your roof. Call the roofing services professionals at Right Roofing Restorations to clean out your gutters to save you a lot of money and potential problems in the future. You should have your gutters cleared out at least once per year, especially before the storm season.

Driveway Cleaning and Resealing

Like your roof, your driveway is a large surface that is exposed to all the elements.

  • Hot sun
  • Driving rain
  • Hail stones
  • Dirt
  • Oil leaks from your car and stains from household products.

Using our high-pressure driveway cleaning service, your driveway will look brand new again, stripping away years of dirt and build up.

Searching for a complete roofing solution?

Right Roofing Restorations focus on attention to detail and by only using the best materials, ensure the highest quality result whether on tiled, terracotta or Colourbond roofs.

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