Colorbond & Metal Roof Cleaning

Colorbond And Metal Roof Cleaning

Is your colorbond or metal roof looking tired? Does it need a good clean?

When you own a property with a Colorbond or metal roof, you probably know how difficult it can be to keep your roof clean and free from debris. Colorbond roofs are highly durable, but skipping essential maintenance can put them at risk.

Cleaning colorbond and metal roofs is our specialty. With over 15 years of experience both cleaning and restoring roofs all over Brisbane, we understand how to clean your roof the Right Way.

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Why You Should Consider Right Roofing For Your Colorbond and Metal Roof Cleaning:

Roof wear and tear
Only experienced tradesmen will perform the work
Faded roof colour
We guarantee complete cleanup of any mess we make
Bubbling or flaking paint
We know what works best for your roof with our years of experience
Weather damage
We use a Whirlaway pressure cleaner to thoroughly clean
Faded roof colour
We don’t use abrasive and solvent type cleaning products on your roof
Mould and rust
$20m public liability insurance for your peace of mind
Mould and rust
We will complete a full roof inspection, assess your roof and identify any issues so that you can feel secure that your roof is going to last
Roof leaks
We will protect your outdoor furniture and accessories while we clean your Colorbond or metal roof

Why Clean Your Metal or Colorbond Roof?

Your content goes here. Edit or remove this text inline or in the module Content settings. You can also style every aspect of this content in the module Design settings and even apply custom CSS to this texOne of the reasons we love our Colorbond, Zincalume, Aluminium and other metal roofing in Australia is that it provides excellent protection, it’s incredibly durable and it requires very little roof maintenance. Having said that, it is still vital to maintain the cleanliness of your metal and Colorbond roof so that it can continue to protect your home for a longer period of time. Colorbond roofing is by far the most popular galvanised roof material in Australia because it provides extreme durability, corrosion resistance, and thermal efficiency. A sleek, minimal design combined with the many benefits of Colorbond technology has made the roofing material a popular choice for many Australian homes.

Colorbond roof cleaning is the most cost effective way to restore your roof to look as close as possible to a new roof. Not only does the process remove all traces of dirt, grime, build up, mould, moss, lichen, fungus and any other pollutants, it can actually increase the life expectancy of your metal roof. Cleaning the roof helps to sustain the integrity of the metal sheeting as one of the most common causes of preventable damage to metal and colorbond roofs is a build up of particles and moisture.

There is a special need to clean your roof in areas where marine salt spray is prevalent, as well as places with high levels of industrial fallout. These contaminants can adversely affect your roof leading to a much shortened lifespan.
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How We Clean Your Colorbond & Metal Roof

Care must always be taken when cleaning a colorbond roof. If the wrong equipment is used or the amount of pressure used is too great, it can do more harm than good and potentially damage your roof.

We use a Whirlaway high pressure cleaner ensuring that we select the right amount of pressure to effectively clean your roof, without damage.

It’s important that high pressure water is not sprayed up under flashings, into voids, into air conditioning units or through wall cladding. If you collect rainwater from your roof we ensure that we disconnect the line to your rainwater tank before commencing the roof clean.

These are just some of the reasons why experienced professionals should perform this work instead of DIY handymen.

Colorbond Roof Restorations Brisbane
Colorbond Roof Restorations Brisbane

Safety Precautions When Cleaning Your Roof

Cleaning any roof can be dangerous but particularly when it’s a pitched roof. Our team are the experts when it comes to working on Colorbond and metal roofs. We use state of the art safety equipment combined with years of experience to ensure that everyone is kept safe when cleaning your roof.

This is another reason why we don’t recommend this as a DIY or home handyman job.

Are You Ready To Have Your Brisbane Colorbond Or Metal Roof Cleaned?

Having your Colorbond or metal roof cleaned is imperative to ensuring it keeps your home safe for as long as possible. Call us on 0431 962 819 to receive a quote and book your roof cleaning – or complete our quote request form and we will get back to you shortly.

Colorbond Roof Restorations Brisbane

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Colorbond and Metal Roof Cleaning FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can I DIY Cleaning Colorbond Roof or Metal Roof?

Roofing work can be dangerous if you don’t have training and experience and cleaning your Colorbond roof is no exception. If you do decide to DIY clean your Colorbond roof please ensure that you have taken all of the necessary security measures including shoes with roof tractions, ladders approved and appropriate for the work, protective clothing and at least another person to keep an eye on you while you’re on the roof and on ladders.

A professional roof clean will include much more and is much more comprehensive than what a homeowner can achieve themselves. Our professional roof cleans also include a comprehensive roof assessment which will pick up on any potential problems with your roof in the future. The money you spend on cleaning your roof with a professional is well worth the spend for the peace of mind, safety and for a job well done.

Right Roofing Restorations are the experts when it comes to caring for roofs right across Brisbane, Redland City and all surrounding areas.

Will My Rainwater Tank Be Affected By Metal or Colorbond Roof Cleaning?

When cleaning your roof, we will disconnect any rainwater tanks or divert the water so it doesn’t end up in the tank.

We always only use water when cleaning your roof and the membrane we use is safe for water to run over and it into your tank, ensuring that your roof is ready for harvesting rainwater after a roof clean.

What Does It Cost For A Metal or Colorbond Roof Cleaning?

There are a number of factors to consider when determining the cost for your Colorbond or Metal Roof clean.  The size of the roof is a major factor but other considerations include accessibility of the roof and the number of levels. It’s for this reason that we offer an obligation free quote. If you’d like a quote to clean your roof, simply give us a call on 0431 962 819 or complete our quick and easy quote request form.

What is the best way to clean a metal roof?

The best way to clean a metal roof is to have a professional roof cleaning specialist complete the job for you. The roof is your home’s frontline defence against the tough Brisbane weather, and it’s incredibly easy to accidentally damage your roof when trying to clean it. Using harsh chemicals, too much pressure, stepping on the wrong spots etc. can all damage your roof – not to mention the risk of injury to yourself or others.

Why Choose Right Roofing Restorations To Clean Your Metal Or Colorbond Roof?

Right Roofing Restorations has earned a reputation for excellence in all aspects of roof care. As a family owned and operated business we understand the importance of effective communication throughout all aspects of a roof clean. Client satisfaction is our top priority and we offer a 12 month warranty on workmanship. Call us today on 0431 962 819.