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Quality Colorbond Roof Restoration Brisbane

In recent years colorbond roofs have become the preferred material for new builds in Brisbane and throughout Queensland. Why have colorbond roofs become so popular?

Colorbond is not only robust and lightweight, it is also a stylish choice. Using colorbond for your roof ensures that you have a roof surface which is well insulated, heat reflective and strong enough to withstand the tough Australian environment. As the name suggests, the colour is bonded to the metal to create a finish that is resistant to chipping, peeling, cracks and corrosion.

Colorbond roofs are relatively affordable to construct and maintain compared to other roofing materials. Colorbond steel roofs are also resistant to corrosion, but they do require some maintenance to ensure their longevity. A routine inspection will find and correct small issues before they become major problems, leading to leaks and damage to your home.

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Colorbond Roof Inspections

What are we looking for when we complete a colorbond roof inspection? Our inspection team will check for:

Roof wear and tear
General wear & tear
Roof leaks
Water leaks
Bubbling or flaking paint
Bubbling or flaking paint
Faded roof colour
Faded colour
Mould and rust
Mould & rust
Weather damage
Weather damage

What Steps Are Involved In Colorbond Roof Restorations?

Thoroughly clean roof & gutters

We use a Whirlaway pressure cleaner to thoroughly clean all the dirt, grime and debris that has accumulated and embedded into the roof over years of weathering. We don’t use any harsh chemicals when cleaning a roof – only water.

Replace any screws & fixtures

Rusted screws, old rubber washers and dektites are replaced as well as flashing and seals and joints between metal sheets, where required.

Replace sheets where necessary

Occasionally we see damage to colorbond roof sheeting which requires replacing some sheets

Apply rust inhibitor to all surface rust

Rust is neutralised and transformed into a coating

Apply Colorbond roof sealer & primer

Once the roof is completely clean and dry it is ready for a coat of premium quality sealer. We use only the best roofing products 

Apply premium roof membrane coating

The final step is the application of two coats of premium roof membrane coating. Our quality products ensure your roof’s longevity

Environmentally Friendly Colorbond Roof Restorations

Colorbond metal roofing is 100% recyclable and efficient to transport due to its light weight. The coatings we use during our roof restoration process are environmentally friendly and suitable for the collection of drinking water.

Colorbond Roof Restorations Brisbane
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Why Choose Right Roofing Restorations For Your Colorbond Roof Restorations?

Established in 2015, Right Roofing has earned a reputation for excellence in roof restoration and customer satisfaction. We are a family owned business who understand the importance of effective communication. We keep our clients in the loop from start to finish. Our customers are not only satisfied with the work we do, they are confident with a 12, 15 or 20 year warranty on materials and a 12 month warranty on workmanship

Are You Ready For Your Brisbane Colorbond Roof To Look Brand New Again?

Colorbond roof restoration requires a metal roofing specialist. Right Roofing are colorbond roofing experts. Our pricing is affordable and our customer service is exceptional. Call us on 0431 962 819 to book a roof inspection and quote. Our teams are often booked months in advance! Or complete our “quote request form” and we will get back to you shortly.

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Colorbond Roof FAQ

What is colorbond roofing made from?

Colorbond roofing is made from steel. Made from a core of zinc, aluminium and silicon, (Zincalume) and pre-painted to bond the colour to the steel (hence the name, Colorbond), this roofing material is built to withstand the harsh Australian elements.

What does colorbond roofing protect against?

Colorbond roofing is resistant to all weather conditions including severe heat, cold, and storms. Colorbond is even suitable in areas that are prone to bushfires. It protects against corrosion and has been heavily tested for durability and longevity. It is important to have your colorbond roof maintained regularly to ensure it continues to protect your home against the elements.

Is the rain loud on a colorbond roof?

Even though they are made of steel, Colorbond roofs are quiet. Many people enjoy the faint sound of rain on a Colorbond roof. However, you can also have your roof laid with insulation directly underneath the Colorbond roof sheeting to further prevent sound intrusion.

How can a colorbond roof save on energy costs?

Colorbond is a heat reflective roofing material, which means that the harsh sun does not penetrate the roof and heat up the house below. It is also available in thermally efficient colourways that can help to keep your home cool during those hot Brisbane summers, saving you money on air conditioning and other cooling.

Is colorbond suitable for oceanside homes?

Homes situated near the ocean require roofing material that is resistant to salt spray. Colorbond Ultra Steel roofing sheets are designed for oceanside homes as they are developed with specialised technology and coatings that are resistant to such a harsh environment.

Can I paint a colorbond roof?

Colorbond roofs are available in a wide variety of different colours. However, if you find yourself wanting to ‘rebrand’ your home with a different colour scheme or give your roof a fresh look, painting is an option for Colorbond. Keep in mind that Colorbond requires specialised paint in order for it to adhere properly to the material. Learn more about painting Colorbond roofs on our blog.

How much does a colorbond roof restoration cost?

Colorbond roof restorations will vary in price depending on the size of your roof as well as the current condition of your roof. At Right Roofing Restorations, our colorbond roof restoration costs are calculated per square metre, with the price decreasing for larger roofs as we take fixed costs into consideration across each job. Contact us for an obligation free quote today.