Terracotta Roof Restoration Brisbane

Terracotta roof tiles, otherwise known as clay tiles, are a popular and long-lasting roofing solution as they are waterproof and a great noise and heat insulator, offering strong protection against the harsh Australian elements. With an excellent reputation for their high quality and timeless look, terracotta tile roofs maintain their value for a very long time if they are maintained properly. Right Roofing specialises in terracotta tile roof restoration and can ensure your roof gets the attention it needs to keep your home safe and strong for years to come.
Terracotta Tile Restorations Brisbane

Does Your Terracotta Roof Need A Restoration?

Terracotta roofs offer tremendous heat insulation which saves you money on home temperature systems like heating and cooling. This makes them a popular choice for Brisbane homes. They also provide considerable sound insulation to block out the sounds of traffic and city sounds, supporting a peaceful household. Terracotta tile roofs are low maintenance but to ensure your roof lasts as long as possible – upwards of 50 years if properly cared for – you should consider having it assessed for a roof restoration.

Our team of terracotta roof specialists will inspect your roof for:

Cracked or chipped roof tiles
Cracked or chipped tiles
Roof leaks
Loose or missing roof tiles
Loose or broken-off tiles
Mouldy or rusty roof tiles
Mould or rust on tiles
Warped or sagging roof tiles
Warped tiles & roof sag
Build ups of moss or dirt
Build ups of moss or dirt
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Our Roof Restoration Process For Terracotta Roofs

If you have noticed any of the issues listed above in your roof, we recommend contacting our friendly team straight away to organise an inspection, before these problems worsen and cause your home – or your wallet – further damage. A terracotta tile roof that has been neglected is much less likely to be covered by insurance providers, should any damages occur due to severe storms or fallen trees. If your roof is left to deteriorate, it may get to a point where a full roof replacement is required, which comes with a bigger price tag than a standard roof restoration.

To restore your roof to its best condition and ensure it is covered by insurance, our team provides a professional restoration service involving:

  1. Thorough roof examination by one of our expert inspectors who will assess the condition and structural security of your roof to provide an accurate and personalised quote
  2. We perform specialised terracotta tile roof cleaning using a Whirlaway at a minimum of 4000 psi to remove all dirt, grime, and other contaminants
  3. Mould kill is applied to ensure any embedded mould, lichen, or moss is destroyed. This also protects against any future mould growth
  4. Repairs and or replacement of any broken tiles, re-pointing of ridge caps, and insertion of weep holes, and valley clipping and sealing where required
  5. A thick coat of Roof Protect, which is specially designed for terracotta roofing, leaving a beautiful, strong, and long lasting finish

Benefits of Terracotta Roof Restorations

Under the harsh Australian weather, your roof will undeniably begin to deteriorate over the years. With our team of roof experts, our restoration service is guaranteed to improve the structural integrity of your home and boost its value by:

Reinforce your roof
Reinforcing your roof for better protection of your home during severe weather
Improve roof insulation
Improving insulation, saving money on cooling costs in summer as well as heating costs in winter
Support roof insurance
Ensuring your roof has the best chance of being covered under a home insurance claim
Prevent roof leaks and water damage
Preventing leaks and water damage
Enhance sound insulation
Enhancing sound insulation for a quieter, more peaceful home
Extend roof lifespan
Extending the life of your roof by more than a decade
Restore roof condition
Giving your home a face-lift! A terracotta tile roof in good condition is a stunning asset which boosts the value of your home
Improve quality of rainwater run-off
Improving quality of rainwater run-off for cleaner tank water
Terracotta Tile Roof Restorations Brisbane

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With over a decade of industry experience, your roof is our priority. Our team values thorough, efficient service and customer satisfaction. We respect your home and will keep you informed throughout the whole restoration process. We offer a 10 or 15 year written warranty on all workmanship and materials so that you can be confident in the quality and sustainability of your roof over the long term.

If you’re ready for your terracotta tile roof restoration, or you have any preliminary questions, contact us on 0431 962 819 today!

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Get A Quote and Book Your Roof Restoration Today

Right Roofing are qualified and experienced roof restoration professionals, offering affordable pricing and excellent customer service. If you’re ready for your tile roof restoration, or you’d like to consult our friendly and knowledgeable team, contact us on 0431 962 819 today!

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