Solar panels on tiled roof after roof restoration completed

Roof Restoration With Solar Panels

Can You Restore My Roof With Solar Panels?

Solar panels on your roof are a great way to reduce your electricity bills and help the environment. Once installed you are provided with free energy from the sun to power your home.

We are often asked about solar panels on the roof and how this will impact a roof restoration.

Is it a good idea to restore your roof before solar panel installation?

It is definitely a good idea to restore your roof before adding solar panels and this will be the most cost effective way to go about ensuring that your roof and solar panels have longevity of use.

If your roof is not looking good and it’s already showing signs of wear, then installing solar panels to the roof will make the restoration process more difficult and increase the cost.

Solar panels are fixed to your roof using a number of different methods. All methods of fixing panels to a roof involve attaching fixed structures to the roof. The most common method of fixing panels is to attach the panels using clips which are bolted onto the edge of the panel. The edge of each panel is fixed onto metal rails using mounting brackets. These specially designed brackets will allow removal of the panels to access the roof underneath.

If your roof needs to be restored sometime in the near future it makes financial sense to do the restoration prior to the solar panel installation.

Some of the questions you should consider are:

  • How old is your roof and when was the last restoration done?
  • Is there any damage to the roof?
  • Are there any existing leaks?
  • Does your roof look clean or does it have a build up of mould, mildew or dirt?
  • Do you have any missing or broken tiles?
  • Can your existing roof support the weight of the solar panels?
  • Is your roof safe for the solar installation team to walk on?

If your roof is already damaged then installing solar panels onto the roof may cause further damage and the roof may not cope with the extra weight of the panels. This is an important consideration before signing off on a solar installation for your home.

Roof restoration after solar installation?

Your roof is an important part of your home, and like all assets it needs maintenance and care. Your new roof or restored roof will last for 10 years or more. However, solar panels should outlast your roof, providing energy for 25 years and up to 40 years in some cases. This means that it is inevitable that at some point your roof will need to be restored with solar panels already installed

When the time comes to complete the restoration, the solar panels will need to be removed prior to the installation. This is a job that is most definitely best left for professionals. It’s not a DIY proposition for someone who doesn’t have knowledge, experience or qualifications.

What is the cost to remove solar panels for roof restoration?

If you need to have your solar panels removed from your roof before restoration, there is an additional cost. A licensed electrician is required to come out and remove these and the cost can vary depending on a number of factors. Give us a call on 0431 962 819 to find out if you need your solar panels removed and we can organise a quote.

Can we just restore the roof around the panels without removing them?

While we do recommend removing your solar panels prior to a restoration, in most cases we can restore your roof after Solar Panels are installed without removing them. We wil mask up and protect your Solar panels during the restoration process, however it does mean we aren’t able to clean, check or repair the roof underneath the panels.

However, restoring only part of the roof does complicate the maintenance of your roof. It means that some parts of your roof will age faster than other parts. It also means that if you ever have to take your panels down your roof will have a large unpainted and unrestored patch on your roof which is a huge problem if you have changed the colour of your roof.

We recommend removing the panels and evenly restoring the whole roof for the best results and longevity of the roof.

Thinking about getting solar panels?

It is a great idea to restore your roof prior to the panel installation as your panels will be left sitting on your roof for a long time and it is much easier to access any issues without them on there.

A few tips for before and after your solar panel installation:

  • Find a reputable solar panel company…
  • Ask the solar company to attend your property prior to the roof restoration to install the brackets for the panels..
  • We can then come in and restore your roof and make sure it is in a good condition for the panels to be installed..
  • Let your roof cure for 5-7 days after your roof restoration before anyone gets up on it..
  • Give us a call after your solar panels have been installed and we will happily come out and make sure everything is still where it should be, and you have no new cracked tiles.

The verdict – yes we can restore your roof after installing solar panels!

If at all possible we recommend getting your roof restored before you install solar panels for the most cost effective results.
When your roof needs it’s next restoration, we recommend temporary removal of the solar panels. Restoring a roof with solar panels adds a cost to the quote for our time to carefully remove and replace the solar panels.

Right Roofing Restorations offer free quotes throughout the Redlands, Brisbane and all surrounding areas in South East Queensland. Call us today to book your free assessment and quote on 0431 962 819.

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